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PL2303HX USB to TTL Download Module



   1. Using the new control chip PL2303HX, it can brush the machine at high speed and stably
   2. With 500mA self-recovery fuse overcurrent protection
   3. Set two data transmission indicators to monitor the data transmission status in real time
   4. Brush 3.3V and 5V pin interface, convenient for different voltage system machines that need power supply
   5. The interface pin header is parallel to the board, instead of being installed perpendicular to the board, which is convenient for the DuPont line when flashing.
   6. The entire circuit board is covered with transparent heat-shrinkable tubing, so that the PCB circuit board and the entity form an independent state, thereby protecting the board metal from sudden explosion and burning. Due to the use of transparent materials, there is no interface for screen silk screen viewing and indicator monitoring effects
   7. Support WIN7 syste

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