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ARDUINO UNO R3 - Compatible + USB cable

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  • Added SDA and SCL pins that are near to the AREF pin and two other new pins placed near to the RESET pin, the IOREF that allow the shields to adapt to the voltage provided from the board
  • Reliable RESET circuitry
  • ATmega 16U2 (upgraded from 8U2)
Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why are these called "Arduino Compatible"? 
A1. The Arduino group demanded us to remove their logos and rename these products so that they do not lead customers to believe they are the same units sold by Arduino. 
Q2. Are these 100% compatible with the "normal" Arduino's? 
A2. Yes, they really are completely compatible with "normal" Arduino's. Build quality looks the same and everything (studio, library, tools, etc) just works.
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