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WH2600 Professional Internet Weather Station 868MHz (EU)


Highlights & Details

  • Alarm function for weather data
  • Automatic weather download
  • Tabular and graphical display of the measured values
  • Networking
The measured data of the sensors are wirelessly transmitted to the base station by radio. The base station transmits the measurement data via LAN connection and your router if desired to There, the measurement data are available worldwide and you can retrieve the measurement data there from many different devices (eg smartphone, PC, tablet) and display (not possible for internal temperature and humidity). The outdoor sensor has an integrated solar module. If sufficient ambient light is available, the 3 special batteries (included) are charged. If the current of the solar module is no longer sufficient for the operation of the outdoor sensor, the batteries take over the power supply (eg at night).

domestic equipments

  • Connection via LAN (RJ45) to a network switch or router
  • Integrated antenna for receiving the radio signals of the supplied sensors
  • Inside sensor: Display for temperature / humidity and air pressure (alternately)
  • Removable wall mount
  • Outdoor sensor: Mounting on the supplied mast holder
  • Power supply via 3 special batteries (included)
  • Integrated solar module for charging the batteries
  • Felt temperature -50 to +25 ° C
  • Light sensor: 0 to 400,000 lux
Dim. base station
77 x 55 x 57 mm
Dim. Thermo / hygrometer
89 x 68 x 28 mm
Dim. wind sensor
490 x 320 x 150 mm
Max. Number of sensors
solar data 
Quartz Watch 
MAX / MIN values 
Internet connection 
internal temperature 
Indoor humidity 
Feels (Windchill) 
Color display
Outside temperature Outside 
air humidity 
UV data
Weight (station)
55 g
Weight (thermo / hygro sensor)
100 g
Weight (anemometer)
1370 g
Outdoor humidity
1 to 99%
outside temperature
-30 to +65 ° C
Indoor humidity
1 to 99%
internal temperature
-10 to +60 ° C
air pressure
300 to 1100 hPa
0 to 9999 mm
wind speed
0 to 50 m / s km / h
100 m
0 to 3150 W / m² 
Power supply sensor
Micro-Battery (2x), please order separately 
Mignon-Akku (3x), incl.
Power supply station
Power supply, incl. 
transmission signal
Radio 868 MHz 
UV dose
0 to 8000 w / c 
UV index
0 to 12 
Forecast for
12 to 24 hours 
Wireless weather station 
housing Color
Ziffernblatt- / Display color
Green grey 

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