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  • Micro servo motor 9g ()
    • Plastic Bushing
    • 25cm wire
    • Coreless motor
    • Servo arms & screw included

    Size : 21x12x22 mm / 0.74x0.42x0.78 in
    Voltage : 3v ~ 6v
    Weight: 9g / 0.39oz
    Speed : 0.12 sec/60(4.8V)
    Torque : 1.6kg-cm
    Working Temp : -30C~60C 
    Gears: Nylon White type
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  • 5v 4 phase dc fear stepper motor + driver board ()
    4 phase DC stepper motor with included driver interface board. Stepper motor has 1:64 ratio gear box. Can be driven in both forward and reverse directions. Works with standard Arduino stepper motor library.

    Motor Features:

        Diameter: 28mm
        Voltage: 5V
        Step angle: 5.625 x 1/64
        Reduction ratio: 1/64

    ULN2003 Driver Board:

        A, B, C, D LED indication for four-phase stepper motor status
        Size: 31x35mm
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  • 12V 0.4A 1.4 OZ small stepper motor ()
      Stride angle: 7.5º
     Rated voltage: 12V
     Rated current: 400mA
     3mm diameter drive shaft
     4-wire cable attached
     In-traction torque: 100 g/cm
     Number of pole: 4
     Drive mode: 2-2 single pole
     RoHS compliant
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