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ICS43432 I2S Digital Microphone

  • This is a small (0.4 in x 0.3 in) breakout board for TDK's (Invensense's) ICS43434 bottom-ported, digital microphone that outputs I2S audio as a stream of 24-bit serial words that can be directly read by any microcontroller with an I2S port. No CODEC is required to decode the audio data!

    The ICS43434 has the same low noise and high sensitivity as the ICS43432 but cuts the power usage from 1.1 mA in normal mode to ~500 uA and adds a low-power mode which uses just 230 uA. That's right, the ICS43434 uses only 20% of the power of the ICS43432!

    The pinout is straightforward. The microphones are NOT 5 V tolerant so apply no more than 3.6 V to 3V3 on the board.

    On the Teensy 3.2, CLK connects to Teensy pin 9 (BCLK), WS connects to Teensy pin 23 (LRCLK), and pin 13 is the serial data out.

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